Soo Line Stone Pump House


These stone pump house were used wherever water towers were found.  In other words, all over the Soo Line system. They housed the pump equipment to fill the water tower. Because they are made of stone, many far outlasted the water towers and are still in use today for storage, section sheds or other purposes. 

Dresser, Wisconsin


This photo was taken by Mark Simonson in Dresser, Wisconsin in 1985.  Note the rails leading to the door. It was being used as a motor car shed. The Tool and Car House to the left of the pump house in Dresser is also available in HO from SooParts as item #190101. 

Bradley, Wisconsin


Mike Polsgrove captured the Bradley pump house carrying the sign board for the station in 1988.

HO Scale Kit Shown Assembled


HO Scale Pump House Kit #190401

Undecorated Kit

HO Scale Kit


The kit features very simple assembly.  It consists of four parts, may require some light filing and ready for paint and assembly!  $28

N-Scale Kit shown Assembled


N Scale Pump House Kit #19402 


It consists of two parts and ready for paint.