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Stevens Point, WI Depot


HO Kit Available!  Soo Line prototype build in 1917/1918.  Used by the Soo Line, Wisconsin Central Ltd. and still used today by the Canadian National Rwy. Over 150 3D printed parts.  HO kit is $395

1898 Wisconsin Central Depot


HO Kit Available!  This model represents the Bancroft, Wisconsin depot currently preserved in Plover, Wisconsin.  Variations were used in at least 6 locations.  We can design any variation.  Contact us for other variations 


$65 MSRP.  

Scale House


HO Kit Available! Based on a Soo Line prototype but right at home on any model railroad yard or industry shipping/receiving bulk product.  Alternate tall chimney available.  Easy to build, only 4 parts!

MSRP $12

Tool and Car Shed


HO Kit Available! Dozens of these dotted the railroad landscape.  Section gangs used them to house tools and hand cars.  Many, many buildings still exist.  Designed from Soo Line blueprints but any model railroad would benefit from these buildings.  Easy to build, only two parts!

MSRP $12

Octagon Shanty


HO Kit Available! Used as phone booths, crossing guard sheds and etc. these buildings were very common on the Soo Line.  Many still around.  Kit contains 10 parts.

MSRP $12 

Soo Line Pumphouse Kit


 These stone pump house were used wherever water towers were found.  In other words, all over the Soo Line system. They housed the pump equipment to fill the water tower. Because they are made of stone, many far outlasted the water towers and are still in use today for storage, section sheds or other purposes. 

Mukwonago Depot Kit


HO Kit Available! 


Roundhouse Vent



The Swartwout Rotary Ball Bearing Ventilators were used as a replacement for original roundhouse smoke jacks and other industrial buildings.

Soo Line roundhouses in Neenah, Rhinelander, Chippewa Falls, Shoreham and Stevens Point are just some of the places this was used.

This model was designed from AFE records, photos and numerous Swartwout advertisements and specifications. 

MSRP $8 or $40 for six

Duplainville Tower


Duplainville Tower controlled the crossing of the Soo Line and the Milwaukee Road until 1990

What do you Want?


Most of our work is custom designed.  We can design most RR items in any scale.  Be aware that there are limitations on the smallest details and the maximum sizes of 3D prints.

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